Added more pics to winnie's page


Added winnie's page, including a pic!

Updated about me page


Updated chinese language page.
Added an about me page, but I haven't added anyting much to it yet.


Added a commonplace book section.
Added a guestbook.
Added the page for chinese to my language learning section.


Added the main page for my language learning section.


Updated front page and created pages, still under construction, for the rest of the site.

about the site

Here, you'll find my webhome and my many and varied thoughts, hobbies, and cats. The about and past updates sections are self explanatory, I feel. In the fiction section, you'll of course find my fanfiction, as well as original fiction, should I stop being avoidant in sharing that.

The thoughts section will be where I put mini-essays and whatever ephemera I feel like sharing with a very tiny corner of the web. The language section will track my language learning journey, as that's one of my favorite hobbies and has been for many years now.

Cats, well. Everyone needs a section about cats, right? Mine will be about Winnie and Little Bit.

Resources will include the many links that have helped me with this site, as well as links I find interesting in general.

All in all, this website is also an excuse to experiment and learn more about html, css, and javascript. Additionally, it's an attempt to bring back some of what I used to love about the internet at large. As such, it's always under construction.

If you've taken the time to check this little place out, I'm glad you're here, helping to fill the void.

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!