about me

Just a lesbian out there trying to build a website.

  • name: spooky
  • hobbies: writing, language learning, reading
  • favorite color: not purple, surprisingly
  • favorite place: the ocean
  • favorite animal: my cats, followed by jellyfish
  • favorite childhood media: sailor moon
  • favorite current media: mdzs/cql
  • things i hate: social media, capitalism, "content," money
  • contact: spookykingdomstarlight (@) gmail (.) com

current projects

  • wangxian shoujo mash-up fic
  • wangxian secret project

current reads

  • Exordia, Seth Dickinson
  • The Dragon, Tai Yangjun (check out the readalong going on at the storygraph
  • Craft in the Real World, Matthew Salesses

current views