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Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian | Lan Wangji/Mo Xuanyu | One-Sided Mo Xuanyu/Wei Wuxian | Mo Xuanyu/Nie Mingjue

Wei Wuxian fell in love with Lan Wangji while attending etiquette classes for submissives at Cloud Recesses. Thirteen years later, they meet by chance at the club where Wei Wuxian has been unhappily working as a contracted Dominant. Even more devastating, Wei Wuxian discovers Lan Wangji has collared himself a pretty, perfect young submissive named Mo Xuanyu.

Determined to help, Lan Wangji, one of the few who knows Wei Wuxian is a submissive, buys out the last six months of his contract and brings him home to live with him and Mo Xuanyu.

In his wildest dreams, Wei Wuxian would spend those months submitting to Lan Wangji, but what Lan Wangji is offering might be even more painful than dominating others against his nature: a front row seat to watching the love of his life love another submissive instead.

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Was there a way to explain to Lan Zhan just about how deeply Wei Wuxian wished to make bruises bloom across his chest, bring him to tears, make him beg and cry for release from Wei Wuxian’s torments, do more, do worse, do everything?


“How would you like to be punished?” Back when they still negotiated scenes into the ground, Wei Ying wrinkled his nose at this question. These days, he knew Lan Zhan wouldn’t spoil him despite knowing in advance what Wei Ying wanted.

“Turnabout is fair play, isn’t it?”

Wei Ying wasn’t a big fan of being ignored. So punishing him with what he’d done to Lan Zhan? Lan Zhan could work with that. “Usual rules or special?”

carry me when i'm weary

He’d come here for years and felt sometimes as though he knew the floor plan better than he knew himself. He forewent active participation, which many of the regulars found strange, but this month he could feel he needed something more than watching someone else’s play. It was just he didn’t know what he wanted or how he was going to get it.

Wei Ying works as a bartender in a sex club, but he is not only a bartender. Lan Zhan frequents said sex club. They don’t actually have sex in the sex club, which is a pity to neither of them somehow.

contractual obligations

“Friends don’t let other friends go solo, Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying replies, aggrieved. “You could’ve been sharing that golden dick with me this whole time. I’ve been deprived. I’m deprived. How am I supposed to survive out there with this knowledge? Do you know how many mediocre dicks I’ve ridden? It’s tragic. My life is a tragedy.”

Lan Zhan and Wei Ying fuck a couple of times and then Wei Ying decides to wash Lan Zhan’s hair about it. Feelings are involved. Confessions are had.

convergent boundaries

“You’re very generous, yl,” he murmurs in a manner he hopes comes across as sultry rather than pathetic or coquettish. In the history of this stream, the words that follow have never fallen from his lips. He’s not sure why they spill from his mouth now. “Is there anything you might like to see today?”

Lan Zhan has tentacles and moonlights as a camboy. Wei Ying is his biggest fan. Then they meet in real life.

a debt for a debt

Lan Wangji overthinks the act of lovemaking.


Two things happen simultaneously. Well, three, but one of them isn’t all that important. (Lies, it is important: it’s probably the sexiest sound Wei Ying will ever have heard, a strangled, whining grunt of confused pleasure and it’s so very important. It just doesn’t register at this moment. It’ll haunt him, though, just you wait. He’s gonna chase that sound for years once he figures out just what the fuck’s happened.)

The first of the things he does notice: Lan Zhan goes statue-fucking-still behind him. The second is the fact that Lan Zhan comes in his ass without so much as a by your leave.

Wei Ying, mid-railing, suffers through the discovery that Lan Zhan likes being called a good boy. And then he rallies, because that’s what heroes do.

heart notes

Lan Zhan had only ever desired three things in life: to create perfumes, to show respect to his uncle’s teachings about the perfume arts, and to love Wei Ying. Over the years, he’d learned that he could only fulfill one of those wishes at the expense of the others.

After a disastrous meeting leaves his reputation in shreds and puts his independent perfume studio at risk, Lan Zhan receives help from someone he never expected to see again.

In the aftermath, he finds himself wondering whether he made the right choice when he broke up with Wei Ying all those years ago.

hold up a mirror

There has to be something he can do to help Lan Zhan. Even if it’s not getting him together with the man he loves—really, Huan-ge should be more proactive. If Lan Zhan had an annoying little shit of a barely younger brother, this wouldn’t be an issue—he should at least move on and find even greater happiness with someone who’s worthy of him.

That’s the only reason he opens his mouth a little while later, his problem and Lan Zhan’s problem syncing together in his mind. A path forward showed itself, brilliant in one way, terrifying in another, a wide, vertiginous vista opening before him. “Lan Zhan, date me.”


The more he thinks about it, the better it sounds. “Well, fake date me anyway. It’ll get my brother off my back for a while and we can make the tasteless object of your affection jealous. It’s genius.”

love is all that's left

At his most melodramatic, he saw himself as the thick layer of baleen in the mouth of a blue whale, mindlessly filtering an entire sea of nobodies in search of the six-tons of krill that would keep him alive until the next time that itch at the base of his neck returned, an annoying reminder that he had human needs, too, and couldn’t just ignore the part of himself that still wanted… something like this. A face, a name. A perfect partner.

mating games

In a move so desperate he could only have gotten it from Nie Huaisang, Wei Ying challenges Lan Zhan to stop fucking guys for one month.

the mermaid's tail

Wei Ying couldn’t help laughing himself sick. Here he was, just very innocently trying to get off and Lan Zhan was asking about the homegrown rope supply chain. “Yeah, Lan Zhan. There’s a whole niche bondage industry on the station I neglected to tell you about.”

the only pain relief i need is you

“I don’t think you do. I think you have elegant, raunchy sex that always goes well and everyone involved gets at least one orgasm out of it, maybe two, maybe even three because I bet you’re generous like that and all that care you take with your body has to be good for something, right?”

They should stick Lan Zhan in a hospital, because his vision is x-ray sharp, sees right the fuck through Wei Ying to pierce something inside of him that shouldn’t be exposed to daylight. Or, uh, x-rays in this bad metaphor. “Have you thought a lot about my sex life, Wei Ying?”

Wei Ying thinks he’s cursed to only have bad sex with men. Lan Zhan wants to do something about it.

ribbon weaving

“Wei Ying,” he said, capturing Wei Ying’s hand with his own. Lacing their fingers together he brought Wei Ying’s hand to his mouth, nipped lightly at Wei Ying’s knuckles before pressing a kiss to each. Surely Wei Ying could hear the way his heart was now beating violently against his rib cage. “Would you like to make a mess of me?”

the sanctity of games

A welt sprang up in the shape of Wei Wuxian’s hand. When Wei Wuxian stretched to look, he saw it wrapped around and curved down slightly toward his beautiful, beloved ass.

Wei Wuxian laughed, nervous. “Ah, Lan Zhan. I guess I don’t know my own strength these days.”

Wei Wuxian accidentally discovers Lan Wangji has a kink. Lan Wangji makes it Wei Wuxian’s problem.

stay, fury, your wrist wrapped in silk

While returning to Cloud Recesses, Lan Wangji encounters Wang Lingjiao and Wen Zhuliu; he does not come out of the encounter unscathed.


Lans do not care well for the people who are most precious to them. Of all the traditions and rules he’s broken, this is the one he most ardently wishes to annihilate in its entirety.

trust falls

To be loved so selflessly is a burden, he realizes.

undone (the spreadsheet song) series

show me a quiver, give me tonight

When Wei Ying woke up this morning, he hadn’t expected to learn that Lan Zhan had sex on the regular, Lan Zhan had sex with men on the regular, and Lan Zhan had sex with men on the regular and purportedly wrote about it in a spreadsheet. But learn those things he did, the knowledge seared into his memory with viciously quick speed, instantly becoming one of those things he’d never forget. The only thing he wanted and couldn’t have was to unlearn it.

crossed the world with these empty hands

Lan Zhan sometimes wanted to ask him why he flitted from style to style, approach to approach, technique to technique, but he suspected the answer would never be a satisfying one, at least not any answer that Wei Ying could give verbally.

He suspected, or hoped maybe, that one day all of this work would synthesize into something grander than any one of them, something that others would never be able to question, but that day was not yet arrived and Wei Ying didn’t see the need to rush it. Perhaps he didn’t care at all.


Meng Yao and Wei Ying are not in love with one another, but they make do with what they have.

In which Meng Yao and Wei Ying want to fuck their respective Lans, but fuck one another instead.


fair-weather covenants

The longer he was away from Gusu and the longer he remained at Wei Ying’s side, the more vocally opinionated he became. Sometimes he missed being entirely inscrutable, safe from the worst of Wei Ying’s speculations because Wei Ying was so incredibly oblivious about the things that mattered most. Now Wei Ying knew too much, could see too much into the heart of what he truly meant. It formed a double-edged sword against which Lan Wangji occasionally cut himself.

hair pulling threadfic

wangxian modern au where wei ying has long hair and lan zhan is into it.

like, really into it. like has dreamed about this hair, playing with it, stroking it... pulling it. the anticipation of touching it is enough to choke him.

and they finally get together and lan zhan loses his nerve.

(twitter threadfic)

long-distance relationship threadfic

cw long-distance relationship, hinted lan zhan/omc, happy ending //

wangxian university au where they get together after years of mutual pining. lan zhan has never been so happy or felt so loved. it's perfect.

needless to say, it comes as a shock to them both when he breaks up with wei ying.

(twitter threadfic)

[restoration exercise - no talking]

His discovery of hanguangjun’s videos is just one of those strange accidents of fate, a quirk of the YouTube algorithms, a case of leaving random videos to play for too long while he dozed—or tried to—desperate for any relief from the sounds of unfamiliar cities filling his ears as he fought jetlag in London, Milan, Sydney, Los Angeles. In his case, he’d spent a lot of time listening to the most random shit imaginable: ten hour loops of the U.S.S. Enterprise, coffee shop chatter, endless fucking rain, weird white noise hums and bleeps.

Wei Ying is a model; Lan Zhan posts art-themed ASMR videos on YouTube. They run into one another on a street in New York City.


a burden of figs

Since their first meeting, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji have always known they’ll one day marry one another. Wei Wuxian’s mother, a romantic at heart, especially encourages him in this pursuit. Everything changes when he finds out Lan Wangji is not only one of the Lan sect heirs, but the nephew of Lan Qiren. A wandering cultivator, the son of Cangse sanren at that, cannot possibly seek a proper courtship with him.

He doesn’t have the heart to tell her he’s broken their understanding.

Two years later, this failure to speak the truth comes back to haunt him.


Bouncing on the balls of his feet, he inhales. Before common sense can get the better of him, he says, “Go out with me!”

He has no idea what to expect and he tries not to fidget as he waits for the answer. If Lan Zhan says no, that’ll be fine! They can keep being friends and roommates! It’s just a thought, going out! No big deal if they don’t! Haha!

Wei Ying asks Lan Zhan out on a whim. It goes about as well as can be expected.

enough of these regrets

“Nothing you want from me could lead to ruin.”

the everyday world

After the massacre of Yiling Wei by Wen Ruohan, Wei Wuxian retaliates. Following Wen Ruohan’s death, the cultivation world deems her too dangerous to go unpunished. Stripped of her golden core, she becomes a prisoner of Gusu Lan.

Or, Lan Wangji grapples with the costs of diplomatic silences and the ghosts of history repeating.

the full measure of us

“What else have I forgotten?”

They would have to scour their pasts for an answer Lan Wangji did not want. Wei Ying loved him and their past mattered, but there was no point in litigating this. It would only make them both feel bad, Wei Ying because he saw it as a failure of his own devotion and Lan Wangji because he hated to see Wei Ying in pain.

In an attempt to fill the holes in his memory, Wei Wuxian is accidentally de-aged.

i swim in hollow lakes carved from memories

Grinning, Wei Ying approached. As slyly as possible, he glanced at the screen, peeking from over Xiao Xing and the first girl’s shoulders. He was overjoyed to discover it was one of his own videos they were looking at.

“Is that Yiling?” he couldn’t help but ask. “I heard from my sister that he’s single.”

Actually, she asked him if he was ever going to give dating a shot, but that didn’t sound quite as impressive.

love letter threadfic

wangxian university au where wei ying and lan zhan grow apart after wei ying borrows a book from lan zhan on their last day of hs together and, in rather baffling fashion, returns it the same day, presenting it to lan zhan so awkwardly that lan zhan feels sure he's being mocked somehow.

(twitter threadfic)

paper tears

“Good day to you, witch,” she said, only as mannered as was required of her to avoid his nonexistent wrath since it was said of witches that they abhorred discourtesy. While that was true of him, the rest of what was said rang false: when witches were displeased, they cursed those who displeased them. This was nonsense. In Lan Zhan’s long, lonely life, he’d never cursed another person, not even when they deserved it.

Lan Wangji is a witch. One day, he happens across an injured moth.

second skin

Wei Ying comes to Lotus Pier and learns what it's like to wear luxurious clothes.

Years later, he learns it afresh.

surrender with care

Wei Wuxian is not ready for what it truly means when Lan Wangji chooses to stay.